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Key Sector Indicator: Real Estate Market

This is a product for you if...

  • ... you want to know the market situation from its main indicators.
  • ... you spend a lot of time searching data about the housing market in Spain for your reports or analyses.
  • ... you search updated information not just at a national level but also broken down by autonomous communities.

What is it?

  • Key Sector Indicator: Real Estate Market it is an annual service that provides a file – in excel format– with the data of more than 500 real estate indicators.
  • Every two months we would supply a new file with the updated information of each of the sources.
  • Launch price: 195€ + VAT

What does it serve for?

  • With this service you would save more than 80 working hours in the search, collection and processing of all the information that contain the Key Indicators of the Sector: Real Estate.
  • You would discover the situation of the real estate estate market thanks to the 500 indicators and more than 3000 data contained therein.
  • Obtaining updated information of the main national indicators and those broken down by autonomous communities.

Which indicators does it have?

More than 500 indicators and data from 2015 on, updated every two months with the information available in official sources.

Among other indicators there are included the following ones:

  • New housing under construction and new housing permits
  • New buildings, reforms and restoration.
  • Housing transactions.
  • Housing sale and rental prices.
  • Housing stock and unsold housing stock.
  • Mortgages and credit to households for house purchase.
  • Non-Residential buildings permits
  • Building costs.
  • Building of residential and non-residential constructions.

Are you interested on it?

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